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Welcome to Phoenix Laser Removal  

Welcome to Phoenix laser removal in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. We specialise in laser tattoo removal using safe and advanced laser technology at affordable prices and within a comfortable, private setting. 
A tattoo is personal and there may be many reasons why you are looking to have it removed or covered up. It might be that the tattoo has faded, or it is now out dated. You might regret getting a tattoo, whether it was something you had done in your younger days or a failed relationship. The good news is that it no longer needs to be permanent. We treat all types and sizes of tattoos including professional, amateur and traumatic. The amount of treatment and results vary depending on size and colours involved and this will be discussed in your initial consultation. 
We pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service and proud to be laser tattoo removal specialists. We do not offer any additional services, so our experience and dedication to providing a high-quality service in this one area is important to us. 
To start your new chapter contact us to book a consultation. 

 Meet Sean, Your Laser Tattoo Removal Technician 

Hello, I am Sean Price your laser tattoo removal specialist. I am a qualified tattoo artist and having met many people who nervously came in looking for a cover up of an existing tattoo, I wanted to help them to have more of a choice in what and where they could do this. I also understand how important it is to have a tattoo removed by properly trained professionals. 
I trained in laser tattoo removal using the latest and most advanced ND YAG Q switched technology and set up the Phoenix clinic within our family offices in the heart of Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. This location gives my clients a personal and confidential place to come, where they do not feel embarrassed or judged for their tattoo 
Find out more about the process and technology used here 
I am also very conscious of how you might be feeling about your unwanted tattoo, please be reassured that I am not here to judge, my only aim is to ensure that when you leave my clinic it will be with full confidence. 

An Option to Cover Up Tattoo 

As a former tattoo artist, I know many people have come to have tattoos covered up may be because they were not happy with the design or they have names or images covered up that remind them of a time they now want to move on from. I have covered up some bad tattoos in my time although this is an option for some it is not always the case for larger and darker tattoos that can’t be covered. 
Phoenix laser removal has another option, in a few short sessions we can lighten the tattoo to a point where it could be covered with a fresh new piece of work or faded to a point that the tattoo no longer significantly shows. 
To discuss this option further please arrange a consultation using the form below. 

Professional Confidential and Independent Consultations 

It can often feel embarrassing to walk into a tattoo studio and show someone a tattoo that you are uncomfortable about, please be assured that I am here to help with no judgement. The Phoenix clinic is not part of a tattoo studio, your consultation and tattoo laser removal treatment will be carried out within our small, private clinic room based within our family offices. 
I work professionally and confidentially. In our initial consultation I will talk through the procedure and aftercare and assess whether the tattoo removal can be carried out. I offer a positive and caring environment for you to come and be assessed for you future sessions. 
To book a consultation please contact me
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