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Welcome to Phoenix Laser Removal  

Welcome to Phoenix laser removal, we offer a range of laser treatments from tattoo removal to freckles and birthmarks even pigmentation and age spots. 

 Meet Sean, Your Laser Tattoo Removal Technician 

Hello, my name is Sean Price and I am based in Bromsgrove. Phoenix Laser Removal offers laser tattoo removal using the latest and most advanced technology.  
I am a qualified tattoo artist with over 5 years experience. This experience means I understand how important it is to have a tattoo removed by properly trained professionals. 

An Option to Cover Up Tattoo 

As a former tattoo artist, I know many people have come to have tattoos covered up may be because they weren’t happy with the design or they have names or images covered up that remind them of a time they now want to move on from. I have covered up some bad tattoos in my time although this is an option for some it isn’t always the case for larger and darker tattoos that can’t be covered. 
Phoenix laser removal has another option, in a few short sessions we can lighten the tattoo to a point where it could be covered with a fresh new piece of work or faded to a point that the tattoo no longer significantly shows. 

Professional Confidential and Independent Consultations 

It can often feel embarrassing to walk into a tattoo studio and be judged for someone else’s handy work so please be assured that I am here to help with no judgement. 
I work professionally and confidentially. In our initial consultation I will talk through the procedure and aftercare and assess whether the tattoo removal can be carried out, I offer a positive and caring environment for you to come and be assessed for you future sessions. 
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